What is Puristic?

Puristic is an easy-to-use and portable Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) fumigating device that effectively creates a clean and safe environment. The amount of Chlorine Dioxide released is so small the only things affected by it are microscopic and being a gas, unlike its counterpart disinfectant Chlorine, there are absolutely zero by-products or residue left over. Puristic falls into many different categories, all of which are beneficial to you, including:

By targeting the bacteria that makes your food go moldy, Puristic is an amazing product to keep your food fresh for longer and eliminate mold in your fridge. The Chlorine Dioxide gas will kill the mold at its source and stop the spread of spores, preventing additional contamination. In this way you can keep your fruit and vegetables clean and know that when you go to eat something it will be as fresh as can be.

Chlorine Dioxide is already being used as a de-odorizer across North America in places like high school locker rooms, garbage disposal facilities and in office air vents. The issue with other Chlorine Dioxide products is that they are not portable. With Puristic, you can crack a stick and throw it in your gym bag, car or move it from your fridge to the fruit bowl without having to worry about the product spilling. The only thing getting out of the glow-stick style container is the Chlorine Dioxide gas itself!

Puristic really is a super product because not only do you have protection from mold and odor, you also get the benefits of having a portable sterilizing disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Being a gas, Chlorine Dioxide fills its immediate surroundings, including the hard-to-reach corners of your fridge or behind the oven where you haven't cleaned in ages; it reaches the places where terrible bacteria like listeria or salmonella could be growing. Chlorine dioxide is already being considered as the new age combatant for these bacteria.

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  • 2.5 times stronger than chlorine based disinfectants.

  • Removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria & fungi.

  • 500,000 times stronger than alcohol.

  • Puristic has a much stronger bactericidal effect when compared to conventional disinfectants that use chlorine, ozone, bromine, chloride, chloramine, etc.

  • Safety acknowledged by the FDA, WHO and NASA.

  • Top safety grade (A1) comparable to salt and sugar.

  • Sately removes bacteria in food and water.

  • Harmless to the human body.

  • Able to sterilize hard-to-reach places.

  • Zero by-product from dis-infection.

  • Deodorizes the immediate area around it.

  • Chlorine generated carcinogens (THMs, HAAs, etc.) are not produced by Puristic.

  • Outstanding photodegradability.

  • No residual materials from light decomposition.

Simple to use.


Mould Reduction

Vancouver Bakery

We had an issue with mold growing in on of our storage fridges and we had to clean it about every 3 months. After using 2 Puristics over 1 month, the mould has not come back!

No more dog smells

Lee E. from Chilliwhack

I've been using Puristic to combat odor that my Frenchie leaves in my car. After not having any sticks on hand for a while, the smells started coming back so I quickly ordered more. This thing really works!

Gets rid of skunk odor

Jeremy H.

My dog was unfortunately sprayed by a skunk right outside our back door and the odor filled our entire home. I cracked 2 puristic's and overnight the smell was completely gone.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Kamilla D.

My husband and I have been using Puristic in our fridge for about 4 months now and there has literally been no produce that has gone moldy.

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